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Mobile and land-based gaming operators, media, financial and technology companies and professional sports leagues are attempting to navigate the fast-developing Canadian gaming market.

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and it is well-known for its inconsistent regulation around the world. The introduction of new market laws coincides with the liberalization of the gaming business in other nations. Legislative institutions are attempting to keep up with technological advancements or demonstrating a newly awakened concern for addiction issues and youngster safety. All of this opens up new market potential while also posing problems.

Thanks to the meteoric rise of technology, online gamers have been able to indulge their passion for computers and touch screens. With the growth of the web, more and more people are using digital devices (laptops and smartphones) to play games. With this in mind, and in order to remain competitive, the majority of online casinos have adapted to this trend.

This blog is run by the young but really professional team of experts and gamers – Uoltj. Some members of our team are professional lawyers while others are top-rated technical specialists with great experience in the sphere of media technology, the telecom sector and data protection and privacy.

While analyzing law & technology in gambling we take into consideration not only official information in the gambling sector but also top worldwide influencers in the gambling industry.


Uoltj Focuses on the following Aspects:

Mobile platforms

The online gambling industry has progressed tremendously thanks to advances in technology, and it is clear that this progression is not about to stop. It used to be that you had to travel thousands of miles to play. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. From the comfort of your own home, all you need is a mobile device and an internet connection to find and play the best online casino. The games and offers of the online casinos are designed to suit the different screens that exist.

A richer game library

Thousands of games have been created thanks to technological advances and virtual reality. There is a lot of software that is made available to players by online game publishers. Enthusiasts can find a wide range of sophisticated games on the web, including online poker, slot machines, bonus games, no deposit games and games that do not require downloading or registration.

New gaming strategies

The impact of technology is not only felt by online casinos, but also by the other main players in this sector, namely the players. Players now have much more freedom and access to online gaming. They are more available and much more flexible than before.

Another important aspect is that players can learn new game strategies and more refined methods to improve their games. With forums and reviews open to the public, this inevitably helps players to gain more knowledge about the games as well as more refined techniques.

Security and safety. In physical casinos, people are gathered inside a building where some people carry millions of euros and/or dollars on their person. The management of such an operation requires significant financial and material resources to ensure security.

This concern is far from being a problem for online casinos. In the latter, the operation of gaming software is much safer and more secure. Operators use security software that allows the detection of any scams or illegal activity during the operation of an online casino.


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Gambling was already very popular with the public several years ago. With the advancement of technology, they have managed to make themselves almost indispensable. Technological developments have brought games to the forefront with, among other things, better titles (free, with free spins), more refined and effective game strategies and foolproof security. There is no doubt that technology and the online gaming industry are closely linked.

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